09 March 2009

Sephora haul

Hello Girls! This is my mini haul from Sephora. Look what I discovered! Sephora Luxe Noir Limited Edition False Lashes looks like Make Up For Ever ones! I paid about $5 for Sephora false lashes while Make Up For Ever ones costs about $25 in Poland! I compared Sephora fake lashes with MUFE fake lashes at shopping mall and they were exactly the same. MUFE lashes (on the picture from you see below) don't have these glitter strips but on Sephora website you can find item nr 908954 and those lashes have glitter strips. Isn't it crazy? I have no idea why MUFE fake lashes are so expensive in Poland when in US you pay for them $15...

I also got Sephora Professionel Rounded Crease Brush #13 which is nice and soft... I love it! But the price on Sephora website ($17) is ridiculous! Believe me or not but I paid for this brush about $8!


  1. That's crazy that these things cost so much in Poland! I won't even pay $15 for the MUFE lashes or $12 on MAC ones. lol! I love my $3 Ardell lashes best. And thanks for the info on the brush. I've always wondered about the Sephora brushes :)

  2. i always wanted that brush! it looks like a dupe of MAC's blending brushes, for way cheaper! did you pay $8 at the store???

  3. Yes, I paid $8 at the store :) Thanks for visiting my blog!