14 June 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was on May 26th but we were celebrating this special day one week ago because me and my sister live in a different city than my parents and we didn't have time to meet together earlier. Anyway, it was amazing day! Me and my sister prepared a lot of gifts for our Mum! I made white chocolate cheesecake for the very first time and I'm so proud of that because everyone said that it was delicious. We gave our Mum a box of pralines, a card (my sister made those things) and Estee Lauder cosmetics set. She was very happy and surprised!

P.S. Mamuniu jesteś najlepszą Mamą na świecie!


  1. Well girl, what can i say-fabulous!! :-) Oli G.

  2. Congratulations! *genius: the faculty of perceiving in an unusual way* Oli. G. :-)