07 April 2010

Make up portfolio

I just wanna share with you that I'm currently working on my make up portfolio. I'm really excited!

W zeszłym tygodniu zaczęłam pracę nad moim makijażowym portfolio. Czeka mnie sporo pracy, ale ogromnie się cieszę!


  1. Great!!!
    Best of luck!
    Make sure to ask for images; photographers often forget to do makeup close ups.
    And work on Range...from Natural to Wild, from White to Black.
    Can't wait to see :)

  2. Can't wait to see some pix! Good luck. I am sure it will be a great book.

  3. Heeey! Your blog design is so cute! And I loved your last posts, showing your make. GORGEOUS!
    I'm following you, and I'll be waiting to see more! XX

  4. I gave you a blog award:))

    You can check it out here:

  5. Good luck with the makeup! I actually met Carmindy the other day at the launch party for her new book, Crazy Busy Beautiful. I'm doing a giveaway with it on my blog if you want to enter? There's some great makeup tips in it!